Self Help Africa launch local-to-global climate action campaign

One of the best hopes that our planet has is trees.

How do you plant one million trees in Africa? By planting 100,000 trees in Ireland.

The threat of climate change is real and frightening but Irish people can now help combat this by supporting a new campaign to plant more than a million trees in 2020.

One Million Trees is a local-to-global initiative that will see development charity Self Help Africa plant ten new trees in Africa and one native tree in Ireland for every €5 that is raised for the campaign.

Self Help Africa will plant a massive 1,000,000 new trees in sub-Saharan Africa in 2020 and an additional 100,000 native trees at home in Ireland as part of a campaign that is affiliated to a wider UN-backed initiative ‘One Trillion Trees,’ one of the biggest global reforestation efforts in history.

Self Help Africa CEO Ray Jordan says ‘The message of this campaign is that while no-one can do everything to combat climate change, everybody can do something.’

In Africa, trees not only help remove harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, they also provide an important source of food, income, shade and shelter for rural poor households, he said.

The campaign is being backed by the Gaelic Players Association.

CEO of the GPA, Paul Flynn said; “Our members are are well aware of their position as role models in the communities in which they live, work and play.  Players are proud to champion initiatives that have a positive impact on issues of local and global importance and indeed actively seek out these opportunities.  We’re looking forward to working with Self Help Africa to help use the influence of players to make a very practical difference for good.”

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