The GPA is fully supportive of the Sport Ireland anti-doping programme to promote clean sport and protect the integrity of our games. The GPA work collaboratively to ensure the GAA deliver robust education to all inter-county players and to support the Sport Ireland National Testing Programme.

Testing for inter-county players has taken place since 2001 as part of an agreement with Sport Ireland and their policy to cooperate with the international anti-doping campaign administered by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). Since the introduction of the Government funding in 2008, inter-county players agree to support the Sport Ireland Anti-Doping National Testing Programme as a condition of funding.

Under the Sport Ireland Anti-Doping Rules (2021) it is the responsibility of each National Governing Body to ensure anti-doping education is provided to all members of the association. Education to inter-county players is delivered through a variety of platforms.

An online e-learning seminar which can be accessed through the GAA’s e-learning education portal.

Group seminars can be facilitated by a network of Sport Ireland trained anti-doping tutors and delivered at each squads training facility on an annual basis.

The GAA provides a variety of digital content including videos and information booklets on the GAA website.

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