The GPA aims to provide high quality screening and testing services that will support the protection and enhancement of your welfare.

Cardiac Screening

The GPA Cardiac Screening Programme is a nationwide service available to all GPA members. The GPA have engaged with Advanced Medical Services (AMS) who provide a mobile cardiac screening service to all squads. All screening and follow up procedures for any GPA member is supported by the GPA and it is recommended that all squads should be screened on a 3 year basis. If interested please contact

Concussion Baselines Testing

The Concussion Baseline Testing program is designed to ensure that players receive the best medical treatment for a concussion injury sustained during play or training.

Why should a player complete a baseline test?

Completing a Baseline Test will determine how a player thinks under “normal” conditions before a concussion occurs. Once the information is in your digital personal profile, your concussion treatment should you ever need one will be customised by a clinician based on your results.

In the event of a suspected concussion players will be assessed by the team doctor. If the Doctor suspects the player may have concussion, they will be referred to a Concussion Specialists and asked to repeat the test, and the players post-injury data will be compared to your baseline test data to help determine the severity and effects of the injury. Once this has been decided, a custom course of treatment and rehabilitation will be created.

If interested please contact

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