GPA team up with Avonmore Protein Gold


GPA Team up with Avonmore Protein Gold

Dublin footballer Brian Fenton and Kilkenny hurler, Eoin Murphy, have teamed up with Avonmore Protein Gold in advance of the start of the 2020 Football and Hurling All-Ireland Championships. Fenton and Murphy who have nine All-Ireland Championship medals between them were representing the Gaelic Players Association, of whom along with the GAA, Avonmore Protein Milk are a long-standing supporter.

The 2020 All-Ireland Championship Season will be unlike any that have gone before with both the timing and the format having significant impacts on the preparation and training of inter-county GAA players nationwide. The partnership between the GPA, the GAA and Avonmore Protein Milk sees a contribution from each litre of Avonmore Protein Milk sold going to support the GPA’s player support programme that provides off-field assistance to inter-county players across health, education, personal and career development. Monies raised through the partnership also support grassroots GAA development projects.

Avonmore Protein Gold, is the latest addition to the Avonmore Protein Milk product range. A premium protein milk drink with a tasty chocolate flavour, Avonmore Protein Gold contains 20g of quality Whey Protein contributing a total of 33g of protein per 500ml serving. Protein is a building block for muscles and hardworking muscles need protein for muscle maintenance and growth. Avonmore Protein Gold can be used by those who wish to include added protein in their diet.

Stuart Scott, Glanbia Marketing Manager, said: “Avonmore Protein Milk are very proud of our long-term partnership of the GPA and GAA. In place since 2014, we are delighted that the sale of every single litre of Avonmore Protein Milk helps with the provision of important off-field supports to inter-county players nationwide and to grassroots development of the GAA. Whilst in Avonmore Protein Gold we have developed a tasty whey protein milk drink that is low in fat, a source of Calcium, Vitamin B12 and added Vitamin D to serve as a source of protein for those who feel that it will fit into their nutrition goals.”

Brian Fenton, Dublin Footballer: “This season has been quite unlike any other and having access to the supports through the GPA Player Support programme has never been so important. It is great to have the support of Avonmore Protein Milk that can help my preparation and nutrition whilst also enabling the work of the GPA in supporting inter-county players away from the game.”

Eoin Murphy, Kilkenny Hurler: “I am really looking forward to the coming months. It has been great to get back to training and playing hurling. Avonmore Protein Gold is a tasty source of quality protein. It is nice to know that in choosing Avonmore Protein Gold we are also supporting the GPA and the GAA in their important work of player support and grassroots development.”

Avonmore Protein Milk is available in all major retailers.

Enjoy Avonmore Protein Gold as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

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