The GPA launches ‘The Players’ Lives Series’ and The Players’ Voice Podcast for 2024

The Gaelic Players Association is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new addition to ‘The Players’ Voice’ platform. This year, the Gaelic game’s audience will be treated to a captivating six-episode video series titled ‘Players Lives,’ which offers an intimate look into the lives of inter-county players when they are away from the field of play.

The series will debut on Wednesday, June 19th, with an episode featuring Leitrim footballer Donal Casey, who gives a unique glimpse into his sporting, personal and professional life. A final year student at the University of Limerick, Donal balances an inter-county lifestyle with his studies and his family’s unique bee and honey-making business.

The GPA  is also pleased to announce the return of the  ‘The Players Voice’ podcast, set to release 12 new episodes throughout 2024. The podcast will see the return of  Alan O’Mara, who has also been at the reigns with New York GAA Football this year as manager. Each episode will delve deep into the stories, challenges, and triumphs of Gaelic players, both on and off the field.

Tom Parsons, CEO of the Gaelic Players Association, expressed his excitement about the new series, stating, “We are proud to continue expanding ‘The Players’ Voice’ with content that connects the Gaelic games audience and players in a meaningful way. ‘The Players’ Lives Series’ and the return of our podcast are just the latest ways of showing insight into the dedication and commitment players put in alongside trying to balance it all with their professional careers or college lives.

“Donal Casey’s episode gives insight into how inter-county players manage their lives around the game.”

The first episode of ‘Players’ Lives Series’ is scheduled for release this evening and will be available on the Players Voice YouTube channel. As always, the series aims to bring the Gaelic games audience closer than ever to the hearts and minds of the players they cheer for.

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Link to the first episode: 

Instagram: @theplayersvoiceire

Youtube: @ThePlayersVoice

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