Open letter on behalf of the captains of the senior inter-county football and hurling squads (2023)


To the leadership and management of the GAA,

We, the 68 captains of the male senior inter-county teams, want to express our full support for our female colleagues and stand beside them #UnitedForEquality.  As such, we are asking you to work with the Camogie Association, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association and the Gaelic Players Association to discuss the steps necessary towards providing the minimum standards of welfare and care for female players for 2024. They cannot be expected to wait any longer.

We do not accept that this is a matter solely for the two female governing bodies which is the response you have given to date. Among the GAA’s values is that of Community Identity.  Community is at the heart of our Association. We know from our own communities that if our neighbour is struggling or requires help, the local GAA club steps forward to provide it.

We know our female inter-county colleagues in the Gaelic games community are in need of support. They need help to provide basics such as medical support, nutritional support, access to facilities and financial support to offset travel expenses.

Are you going to live that value of community, or will you allow this opportunity for positive change to pass us by?  In the GAA we know and love, there would only be one answer to that question.

Yours sincerely,
The captains of the senior inter-county football and hurling squads (2023)

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