4,000 Injury Prevention & Recovery Packs distributed to GPA members

4,000 Injury Prevention & Recovery Packs distributed to GPA members

The GPA has teamed up with Sports Physio and Performance to distribute over 4,000 Injury Prevention & Recovery Packs to inter-county players right across the country.  The packs are designed to help our members with preparation for and recovery from training and games.

The packs come in a handy travel bag and include a Power Band, mini bands (x2), a Lacrosse ball and a hot/cold pack with cover.  QR codes have also been supplied with the pack to allow players to download exercises to make the best use of the equipment.

Players have also been advised to discuss the exercises outlined with their physio or S&C coach to ensure they fit in as part of their training programme.

GPA Player Services Manager Eamonn Murphy said; “This is a practical way in which we can help all 4,000 of our members as the season progresses.  They will be familiar with the items included and the exercises recommended but as always, they should be carried out in consultation with the player’s S&C coach or physio to ensure the best positive impact.  Of behalf of players I would like to thank Sports Physio and Performance for their support in making this happen.”

Matt Carr, Director of Sports Physio & Performance said; “It was a pleasure to partner again with the GPA to provide these kits. We can really see the importance the GPA places on injury prevention and recovery for its members. The kits aid with pre game preparation as well as post game recovery through the bands and release ball while the hot/cold pack will aid with the inevitable knocks and injuries that occur.”

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