Statement from the GPA, the GAA and Sport Ireland

20 July 2018

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA), the GAA and Sport Ireland confirm that the outstanding matters in relation to the anti-doping addendum to the inter county player eligible expenses schemes have been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. The 2018 payment of state grants will be made in the coming days, while details of the application process for the next round of funding will be communicated to inter-county players in the coming weeks.

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Anti-Doping Addendum to Memo of Agreement between GAA & GPA for Disbursement of Funding provided under the Sport Ireland Inter County Player Support Schemes 2017 - 2019

i.              Players shall comply with and be bound by the Irish Anti-Doping Rules;


ii.             Players shall participate in the Irish Sports Anti-Doping Programme and undertake, as required, anti-doping testing, including the taking of blood and/or urine sample, in competition or out of competition;

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Anti-Doping Information

Anti-Doping Information

In July 2001, the GAA agreed to begin drug testing senior Inter-County players as part of an agreement with the Irish Sports Council (ISC) and their policy to cooperate with the international anti-doping campaign administered by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). The GAA believes that doping is contrary to the spirit of sport and every member has a duty to ensure that Gaelic games are free of doping.

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