Personal Development

The GPA’s Personal Development Programme is designed to support players in maximizing their potential off the field of play.

Increasingly underpinning many of the GPA services, Personal Development Coaching guides the individual on a journey of self-discovery, helping them to develop a keen awareness of their personal strengths and identify areas for improvement. 

It assists players in recognizing the individual traits they possess as athletes which are transferrable into other important areas of their lives. Each player is also supported in the production of a personal development plan. 

Through this programme players come away with a deeper understanding of their own individual identity which is separate to their athletic identity and are equipped to seek out and embrace new and exciting opportunities leading to a greater self fulfillment and a superior quality of life.

232 players were supported in intensive one-to-one Personal Development Coaching in 2014, a 30 percent increase on 2013 marking a steady rise in engagement with this programme.

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